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CodeXML® Bluetooth® Modem Specifications
Modem Dimensions:   
3.2” x 2.75” x 1” with 4 mounting drilled holes (2 on
each side) Note: Use #4 tapered flathead screws when    
securing modem
2.4 GHZ - ISM band
Bluetooth Class: 
Contains Class I Bluetooth Radio; Communications with    
Class I or II Bluetooth Radios
Emission Type:   
Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS GFSK)
RF Data Ratet: 
1 Mbps
Data Throughput: 
115 kbps maximum
Power Source: 
5V DC adapter included. USB continuous current draw
57mA minimum, 100mA maximum (when searching for 
General Characteristics
Operating Temperature: 
0° to 70° C / 32° to 158° F  (commercial)
User Environment
Bluetooth Characteristics
Bluetooth Range: 
Class II:  10 Meters (30 feet) - Line of sight
Class I:  100 Meters (300 feet) - Line of sight
Embedded internal antenna
Bluetooth Specifications: 
V2.0 + EDR; SPP (Serial Port Profile) - Slave
32-bit encryption key (M2 Modem)
128-bit encryption key (M3 Modem)
User defined encryption key option
CodeXML® M2 Modem: 
USB Keyboard, PS/2, RS232
CodeXML® M3 Modem: 
USB Keyboard and RS232
USB Connection: 
Keyboard Input Settings Include:  US English Keyboard 
(Leading 0; No Leading 0; or ctrl+char), Alt+Keypad 
Numbers, French Keyboard, German Keyboard, Japanese 
Standard DB9 Connection:   Default Baud Rate 9600 (9600-115,200 baud rate capable)
Default Data Bits  8 (7 bits capable) 
Default Parity None (Even, Odd parity capable)
Default Stop Bits 1 (2 stop bits capable)
Hardware Flow Control None 
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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