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The Kong U-Shot is a telescopic pole 
 to achieve unique angles, steady shots  
and stable recording. 
Distributed by Xtreme Video Europe
  |  9, rue de la Négresse 64200 Biarritz - France  |  contact@xsories.com  |  Tel. + 33 (0) 5 59 43 86 00  |  
Ultra-lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere and use it straight 
from the bag. Its mere 630g still enables you to load it with up to 3.5kg 
of equipment. This telescopic pole is resistant and durable, so that you 
can use it in rough conditions. 
Suited for all digital cameras and tripods its telescopic pole reaches 
up to 155cm and can be extended quickly in one gesture, or slowly to 
create a travelling effect. 
Mobile, and reliable, Kong U-Shot will enable you to reach new heights 
in action capture. 
•  3 Sections 
•  Loading 3.5kg
•  Weight 0.63kg
• Min.H 67cm
•  Max.H 155cm