Bosch D265AW Manual De Usuario

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Fire Alarm Systems | D265AW Photoelectric Smoke Detector Head
D265AW Photoelectric Smoke Detector
12 V or 24 V inputs
Mounts on low profile 6 in. (15 cm) base
Easy head removal for cleaning and servicing
Maintenance-free operation
Built-in sensitivity test
The D265AW Photoelectric Smoke Detector detects
the large smoke particles that typically result from
wood, paper, and fabric combustion. Offices,
warehouses, hotels and health care facilities are
applications generally specified for photoelectric
This detector has two components: the detector base
and the detector head. The base is permanently
attached and wired to a back box. The interchangeable
heads quickly detach for replacement and cleaning
without affecting circuit wiring.
The D265AW Detector Head attaches to the D261AW
Detector Base.
Detection chamber operation
The detector uses an infrared (IR) LED light source
and a silicon photodiode to measure light reflected
from particulates in a detection chamber. After two
consecutive measurements exceeding the threshold
level, the device signals an alarm condition to the
The detection chamber, designed for reliable smoke
entry characteristics, is protected by a micro-fine
insect screen to minimize the possibility of nuisance
The sensitivity stability and high signal-to-noise ratio of
the detector permits its use in a wide range of
environmental conditions.
The detector has two built-in LEDs that flash green to
indicate the device is powered, flash red to indicate
the detector is outside its sensitivity limits, and latch
on steady red in an alarm condition.
The detector has a moisture-proof reed switch that
reacts to an external magnet for testing. The magnet
test simulates a 4% to 6% smoke obscuration, which
places the detector in an alarm condition. This test is
especially useful in environmentally unstable or
unclean areas.