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RAPTOR-GAMING K2 – technical details are subject to change without prior notice. 
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Raptor Gaming Technology™ 
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The buttons of the RAPTOR-GAMING K2 have a very soft and particularly short keystroke.   
This feature offers utmost velocity and extreme reactivity advantages when playing games on the PC 
while at the same time increasing the entry speed and reactivity.   
The included handrest offers more comfort for your wrists even in long battles. In addition, the button 
surface of the RAPTOR-GAMING K2 is by 20% larger than on common keyboards, enabling you to 
reach the buttons fast and easily even in hectical and intensive situations.   
Due to its intended use in video games on your computer, the RAPTOR-GAMING K2 has been 
designed for long durability with a minimum of 20 million button operations, making the RAPTOR-
GAMING K2 one of the must durable keyboards available.    
Additional buttons for accessing the Windows calculator, the email program, the Internet browser and 
the standby button are also included in the RAPTOR-GAMING K2, as well as 4 central additional 
buttons for volume control and selecting the multimedia program.   
The included RAPTOR-LOAD software enables you to individually block, configure or remap buttons 
(e.g. button A to button R) and to program complete button sequences and combinations on a single 
button. The manifold features for customizing the RAPTOR-GAMING K2 are complemented by the 
option to program and save up to 40 macros.