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RAPTOR-GAMING P8 DS – Technical changes reserved. 
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Superior Pro-Gamer Mousepad for Low-Sense- & High-Sense-Gamers 
The RAPTOR-GAMING P8 DS was specially designed for the requirements of Low-Sense- and High-
Sense-Gamer. The cloth mat is very flexible. A total new innovation is the fact that the RAPTOR-
GAMING P8 DS can be used with both sides and one side is coated with Teflon. The mousepad 
combines the world of Low-Sense- and High-Sense-Gamer. The side with the Teflon coated surface is 
specifically made for High-Sense-Gamer. The second side of the RAPTOR-GAMING P8 DS is coated 
with a particular black high-quality textile material which is for the ultimate use of Low-Sense-Gamer. 
With it’s dimensions of 400x300x2mm it does deliver enough space for intensive „Moves“. 
The RAPTOR-GAMING P8 DS is suited for the general use of optical and ball mice. The thickness of 
only 2mm avoids early fatigue of the wrist and therefore, it is the perfect choice for extensive 
deathmatches. The RAPTOR-GAMING P8 DS is among the most flat pro-gamer mousepads in the 
market. In the delivery content you find an additional rubber pad with anti-slip rubber to prevent the 
mousepad from slipping on any surface.