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RAPTOR-GAMING P4 – Technical changes reserved. 
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Superior Pro-Gamer Mousepad for Low-Sense Gamers 
The RAPTOR-GAMING P4 consists of a flexible foam plastic mat. Its surface is large as compared to 
the other RAPTOR-GAMING mousepads. This mousepad has been developed especially for gamers 
with extremely low sense.   
The surface is covered by especially coated black high-quality textile material. The RAPTOR-GAMING 
P4 is suited for the general use of optical and ball mice. The thickness of only 2mm avoids early 
fatigue of the wrist and therefore, is ideal for extensive deathmatches. The RAPTOR-GAMING P4 is 
among the most flat pro-gamer mousepads on the market. The complete bottom side is coated with a 
profiled anti-slip rubber, keeping the mousepad from slipping on any surface.