Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Manuel D’Utilisation

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Recording/viewing pictures with a smartphone/tablet
Connecting to a smartphone/tablet
Start up “Image App” on your smartphone/
Place your smartphone/tablet to the side of this 
Place over this area
(within 5 mm)
 •Do not bump your smartphone/tablet strongly against this unit. 
(The smartphone/tablet or this unit may get scratched)
 •For information on how to use NFC compatible devices, please 
contact the device manufacturer.
 •If there is no immediate reaction, slightly move the position 
where the smartphone/tablet was placed.
Press     to select [Yes] and press 
Place your smartphone/tablet over this area of 
the unit again
 •When the connection is complete, live images captured by the 
camera will be displayed on your smartphone/tablet.
 •Connected smartphone/tablet is registered to this unit. From 
the next time and on, you can connect by performing steps   
and  .