AEG PV.500-MH Manuel D’Utilisation

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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Explanation of Symbols and Safety Instructions 
All of the symbols and abbreviations used in the text are described 
Explanation of Symbols 
This section describes the symbols used in these instructions. 
Symbol Meaning 
Hazard symbols are triangular and feature a 
yellow background, black border and corre-
sponding symbol. 
Signs containing orders are round and have a 
blue background with a white symbol. 
Information is indicated by the letter i. These 
sections contain important information about the 
phases of the equipment's service life. 
Instructions relating to the environment are 
identified by a wheelie bin. Instructions relating 
to the environment make reference to mandato-
ry requirements set out by regional or national 
authorities which are of particular relevance 
when disposing of materials used during opera-
tion, for example. 
Table 1 
Instruction and warning symbols in these operating 
Other symbols and their meanings
ical element  Meaning 
This symbol is used for action instructions. 
Numbers are used for action instructions that 
need to be followed in a specific order. 
This symbol is used for bulleted lists. 
References to figures, chapters or tables are 
shown using the symbol on the left. 
Table 2 – Other symbols