Sima wx-167 Manuel D’Utilisation

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1. Choosing a place for your radio
Your WX-167 is designed for desktop or wall mount
installation. Place the unit where it can receive an
emergency alert signal broadcast and where you can
hear its alert tone or see the message indicator lights.
The best location to install the WX-167 is:
- Clear of any obstructions.
- Near windows or large openings for best
- Near an AC Power outlet
- Near to where the user(s) would normally stay,
such as a bedroom, living room or office.
•  Keep the receiver away from interference sources
e.g. motors, computers, TV or microwave ovens.
•  All LCDs have a preferred viewing angle when the
display contrast is at maximum.  Adjust LCD flip door
for best viewing angle.
2. Connecting the Power
1. Plug the AC adapter cord into the 9V AC input jack
on the back of the unit.
2. Plug the adapter into the wall outlet.
    Note: The internal battery charger will automatically
begin to charge the batteries if  the “Rechargeable”
setting is selected. Keep the unit plugged in at all
times. The unit will be ready to use in the event of a
power failure.
Use an optional 12V DC car adapter (not included).
Plug the adapter cord into the 12V DC input jack on
the back of the unit. Plug other end into vehicle’s
cigarette lighter or accessory outlet.
Setting up your Public Alert