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patch run 
patch run patch-number [ slave | slot slot-number 
System view 
Default Level 
3: Manage level 
patch-number: Sequence number of a patch. The valid values of this argument depend on the patch file 
slave: Specifies the standby main board.  
slot slot-number: Specifies a board by its slot number. The value range of this argument varies with the 
device model. 
Use the patch run command to confirm the running of the specified patch and all the ACTIVE patches 
before the specified patch number.  
This operation is applicable to patches in the ACTIVE state only.  
If the running of a patch is confirmed, after the system reboots, the original ACTIVE patches are still 
ACTIVE and take effect. 
If you execute this command without specifying slave or slot-number, the command confirms the 
running of the specified patch(es) on the active main board. 
# Confirm the running of patch 3 and all the ACTIVE patches before patch 3 on board 5. 
<Sysname> system-view 
[Sysname] patch run 3 slot 5