Panasonic DMC-LX100 Mode D’Emploi

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[Wi-Fi Setup]
Configure the settings required for the Wi-Fi function.
[Wi-Fi Setup] cannot be changed when connected to Wi-Fi.
Set the menu
 →   [Setup] → [Wi-Fi] → [Wi-Fi Setup] → Desired setting
Acquires or changes the 
“LUMIX CLUB” login ID.
 •For details 
[PC Connection]
You can set the workgroup.
You must connect to the same workgroup as the destination 
computer when sending pictures to the computer. 
(The default is set to “WORKGROUP”)
[Change Workgroup Name]: 
Enter the workgroup of the connecting computer. Close the menu 
after changing settings.
[Restore to Default]: 
Returns settings to default settings. A confirmation screen is 
displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is selected. 
Exit the menu after it is executed.
 •Refer to “Entering Text” 
 for information on how to enter 
 •To use with a computer of the standard settings, you do not have 
to change the workgroup.
[Device Name]
You can change the name of 
this unit.
  Press [DISP.] button
  Enter the desired device name
 •Refer to “Entering Text” 
 for information on how to enter 
 •Up to 32 characters can be entered.
[NFC Operation]
Makes NFC function setting.
[ON]: The NFC function works.
[Touch Sharing]
Set the operation to be 
performed when a Wi-Fi 
connection is established 
using the NFC function.
[ON]:  When a Wi-Fi connection is established using the NFC 
function while playing back a single picture, the picture 
(1 picture) is transferred.