Panasonic TX-L50E6B Mode D’Emploi

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 The remote control does not work or is intermittent
 Are the batteries installed correctly?   (p. 10)
 Has the TV been switched on?
 The batteries may be running low. Replace them with new ones.
 Point the remote control directly at the TV’s remote control signal receiver (within about 7 m and a 30 degree 
angle of the signal receiver).
 Situate the TV away from sunshine or other sources of bright light not to shine on the TV’s remote control signal 
 No image can be displayed
 Check the TV is turned on.
 Check the mains lead is plugged into the TV and the socket outlet.
 Check the correct input mode is selected.
 Check the setting of [AV2] ([COMPONENT] / [VIDEO]) in [Input Selection] to match the output of the external 
 Is [Contrast], [Brightness] or [Colour] in the Picture Menu set to the minimum?
 Check all required cables and connections are firmly in place.
 Unusual image is displayed
 Turn the TV off with Mains power On / Off switch, then turn it on again.
 If the problem persists, initialise all settings.   [Shipping Condition] in [System Menu] (Setup Menu)
 Parts of the TV become hot
 Even if the temperature of parts of the front, top and rear panels has risen, these temperature rises do not cause 
any problems in terms of performance or quality.
 The LCD panel moves slightly and clattered sound is heard when it is pushed with a finger
 There is some flexibility around the panel to prevent damage to the panel. This is not a malfunction.
 Check you can get Freeview HD in your area. Text your postcode, followed by your house number or 
name to 80560*. Or visit
 *e.g. NW96NY1 (Costs no more than a normal text.)
 To get the most up to date service from Freeview it is important for Freeview customers to retune from time to time.
 How do I re-tune my Freeview TV ?
 This is a quick reference. If you have any problems, check the Operating Instructions or ask a friend or family 
member to show you how. Alternatively, go to your local electrical retailer, contact your local Panasonic dealer or 
 Re-tuning only takes a few minutes, just follow the steps below:
 1. Press the TV button to select DVB mode.
 2. Press the MENU button to open the main menu.
 3. [Setup]   [DVB Tuning  Menu]   [Auto Setup]
 Please note: most digital TV recorders will keep your original recordings after running a re-tune but you will need to 
reset any future recordings.
 First, remove the mains plug from the socket outlet.
 Display panel, Cabinet, Pedestal
 Regular care:
 Gently wipe the surface of the display panel, cabinet, or pedestal by using a soft cloth to clean the dirt or fingerprints.
 For stubborn dirt:
 First clean the dust on the surface. Dampen a soft cloth with clean water or diluted neutral detergent (1 part detergent 
to 100 parts water). Wring the cloth and wipe the surface. Finally, wipe away all the moisture.
 Do not use a hard cloth or rub the surface too hard, otherwise this may cause scratches on the surface.
 Take care not to subject the TV’s surfaces to water or detergent. Liquid inside the TV could lead to product failure.
 Take care not to subject the surfaces to insect repellent, solvent, thinner or other volatile substances. This may 
degrade surface quality or cause peeling of the paint.
 The surface of the display panel is specially treated and may be easily damaged. Take care not to tap or scratch the 
surface with your fingernail or other hard objects.
 Do not allow the cabinet and pedestal to make contact with a rubber or PVC substance for a long time. This may 
degrade surface quality.
 Mains plug
 Wipe the mains plug with a dry cloth at regular intervals. Moisture and dust may cause fire or electrical shock.