Panasonic TX-L50E6B Mode D’Emploi

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Selecting file
Ensure the preparations of the media server, network connections and 
network settings are completed.
1. Display APPS List with 
2. Select 
Media Server
 with   /   /   /   and press 
 to access
3.  Select one of the media servers with   /   and press 
 to access
For the operations to access another TV, select the name of another TV 
from the displayed media server list.
To display / hide information of the highlighted media server
4.  Select the file with   /   and press 
 to access
Depending on the condition of media server, you may need to select 
the folder before selecting the file.
To display / hide information of the highlighted file
= Note =
Non-playable files are also listed but cannot be selected.
You can use the following buttons during playback. Confirm the remote 
control code is “73”.