Zhongshan BSD Electron Technology Co. LTD. E06 Manuel D’Utilisation

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While calling incoming, short press the “MFB” button to pick up the call; long press the 
“MFB” button to reject the call. 
On talking status, short press the “MFB” button to hang up; press the “+” and “-” keys at the 
same time to mute the microphone, and press the “+” and “-” keys at the same time again to 
resume talking; double click the “MFB” button to switch the telephone back and forth 
between the earphone and mobile phone. 
When the third party calls, short press the “MFB” button to pick up the phone and the current 
call will reach the awaited state; long press the “MFB” button to hang up the third party call. 
When in third party call, press the “+” and “-” keys at the same time to switch back and forth 
the two calls. 
Low Power Warning: 
In working status, when the power  is low, there will be a voice prompt “Battery low”