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The Silhouette Series SX25 is a compact 25 Watt per channel, high quality, stereo hi fi  audio power amplifier. Used to improve your existing system or as part of a complete Silhouette system, the SX25 offers a significant 
performance increase. As with all Perreaux products, the design is completely solid state, featuring audiophile grade components throughout. The styling of the  SX25 is subtle and discreet, allowing seamless integration into 
existing systems or the perfect compliment to other products from the Perreaux range. High current drive gives the SX25 the ability to maintain control of a wide range of loudspeakers, even with a modest power output of 25W. 
•  Class A signal stages  •  Custom shielded toroidal transformer  •  13200µF of smoothing capacitance  •  Optimal circuit layout for increased channel separation and noise floor  • 
•  Enhanced audio design featuring highest quality PCB and minimal internal wiring  •  High current drive  •  Compact  •  Stylish  •
Rated  power output: 
(per channel)
 into 8 Ohms  
 into 4 Ohms  
Maximum voltage swing: 55.2V
Input sensitivity: 0.63V
Gain: 27.1dB 
Input impedance: typically 22k Ohms 
Total harmonic distortion:  
typically 0.002% @ 1kHz into 8 Ohms  
20Hz–20kHz <0.02% 
Audio connections: 
RCA line inputs 
RCA line outputs 
Speaker binding posts 
Frequency response:  20Hz-20kHz +0dB, -0.25dB 
Signal to noise ratio:  110dB (unweighted) 
216mm (8.5”) 
Height:  58mm (2.3”) 
178mm (7.0”) 
Net weight: 2.4kg (5.3lb) 
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