Meru Networks AP433I Fascicule

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Three-Radio, Three-Stream 802.11n Access Points
Re-architect the edge of your network and tackle the toughest 
wireless workloads 
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Featuring a three-radio, three-stream design, the 
AP433i taps the full potential of 802.11n standards 
to deliver in today’s world of high client density and 
diversity, meeting the demand for wireless high-
bandwidth and mobility applications.
Added radios boost the benefits of Channel 
Layering, multiplying capacity within a single 
access point or segregating mission-critical 
applications. Built for mobility applications, for 
example an industrial site or convention/arena, the 
AP433i defines the new network edge, preparing 
enterprises for the all-wireless workforce and the 
mobility of business-essential applications.
Designed for flexibility and to answer specific 
enterprise aesthetics requirements, the AP433i can 
be configured with optional antennas, including an 
external wall mount MIMO 3-Patch antenna and 
a ceiling mount MIMO panel antenna. The AP433i 
can also be mounted with a security lock directly 
on a suspended ceiling or a wall. And because the 
AP433i is plenum-rated, it can be hidden above a 
suspended ceiling.
AP433i Benefits: 
•     Increased scalability and reliability through 
Meru’s Virtualized Wireless LAN architecture 
and channel layering 
•  Support for Meru’s Service Assurance 
Application Suite including: E(z)RF™ Network 
Manager, WIPS, and PCI Compliance Manager
•  Supports all 802.11 a/b/g/n devices
•  All radios support up to three streams — 3x3:3 
802.11n support in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 
frequency bands
Patented Virtualized Wireless LAN
380 clients
1.35 Gbps