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Arbor Data Sheet
Arbor Leadership
Proven and Trusted
The vast majority of the world’s 
leading service providers rely on 
Arbor Networks for DDoS defense. 
If your network service provider 
offers DDoS defense, it is likely 
using Arbor products.
Groundbreaking Research
Arbor security researchers have a 
real-time view of over 90 Tbps of 
global Internet traffic. This unmatched 
access to emerging threats enables 
the Arbor Security Engineering & 
Response Team (ASERT) to develop 
timely, automatic updates to the 
Pravail Availability Protection System.
Cloud Signaling
This innovative approach to DDoS 
defense delivers coordinated cloud 
and perimeter-based protection to the 
enterprise. Providers around the world 
are rapidly joining the coalition. 
Availability Protection
The Pravail Availability Protection System 
from Arbor uses stateless attack detec-
tion and filtering. This allows Pravail 
Availability Protection System to remain 
functional during low-volume attacks that 
are designed to overwhelm and cripple 
stateful devices, such as IPS or firewalls. 
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks present one of today’s biggest IT threats for 
enterprises. With the rise of hacktivism, cyber terrorism and Internet crime, DDoS attacks are 
growing in size, frequency and sophistication. In fact, DDoS attacks are increasingly being 
used as part of the advanced threat landscape. In Arbor Networks’
 Annual  Worldwide 
Infrastructure Security Report, respondents reported seeing more complex attacks—such as 
botnets or malware in conjunction with DDoS. The Pravail
 portfolio of solutions from Arbor 
 tackles these advanced threats head-on by giving organizations an enterprise-
wide view of all network activities, critical attack details for fast remediation and expert-level 
blocking, all backed by world-class security research.
With the Pravail
 Availability Protection System, Arbor provides organizations with proven, 
carrier-grade DDoS defense technology in a platform designed specifically for enterprise 
needs. The Pravail Availability Protection System helps protect business continuity and avail-
ability from the growing constellation of application-level threats. It provides the world’s most 
advanced and sophisticated attack detection and mitigation technology in an easy-to-deploy 
appliance designed to automatically neutralize attacks before they impact critical services.
First Line of Defense for Enterprise Multi-Layer DDoS Protection
Availability attacks come in many forms, including low-bandwidth attacks aimed at the 
application layer and/or high volume “flood” attacks. Some low bandwidth attacks can 
cripple the enterprise but still ‘fly under the rader of most-provider based, in-cloud DDoS 
solutions. Flood attacks can saturate Internet links to the data center and are best mitigated 
within the provider network. To adequately address multiple types of attacks, enterprises 
need a comprehensive DDoS solution with both provider-based and on-premise protection. 
For enterprises battling complex DDoS attacks, the Pravail Availability Protection System 
provides the on-premise protection that serves as an enterprise’s first line of defense. 
It offers proactive monitoring and blocking against: 
• Application-layer DDoS attacks
• State exhausting attacks
• Volumetric attacks (up to link capacity)
Pravail Availability Protection System customers can enhance their overall protection by 
using Cloud Signaling™. With this service, organizations can automatically alert upstream 
service providers when larger attacks threaten availability. With Cloud Signaling, users can 
enable cloud mitigation of DDoS attacks down to individual protection groups. 
Simplified, proven protection for enterprises and data centers 
Protection System
The Pravail Availability Protection 
System features an easy to navigate, 
easy to manage Web GUI. The 
opening summary page provides an 
overview of what types of attacks 
the Pravail Availability Protection 
System is seeing.