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> Convert from any audio source: cassettes, LPs, records, 
   CDs & more.
> Create music for your iPod and any portable music player
> Burn professional quality CDs or transfer to your
   favorite audio device.
Easy Capture into Popular Music Formats
Just plug the Instant Music into a USB port on your computer and you are 
ready  to  begin  recording  from  any  analog  audio  source  into  the  most 
popular  digital  audio  formats  available  such  as  WAV  and  WMA  (Windows 
Media 9 Audio) and OGG. Once in a digital format, you can create Audio CDs 
and play them back on your iPod or any portable music player. You can even 
import your files into iTunes for playback on your iPod. 
Convert  your  old  collection  of  cassettes  and  LPs  into  crisp,  clear  digital 
audio and  keep a personal archive of your collection that will not degrade or 
deteriorate  over  time  with  Instant  Music  and  Acoustica  Spin  It  Again 
bundled  software.  ADS  Tech  respects  the  rights  of  copyright  owners  and 
asks that you do the same. 
Acoustica Spin It Again
Spin it Again includes a simple interface to split music tracks, name tracks 
and tools for noise removal, declick and decrackle LP recordings.
Choose to record from LP, Cassette or load an existing audio file from your 
hard drive.   Follow the steps to record your music.
Once recording is finished, detect tracks, use cleaning and effect tools, then 
name the tracks, add album name, artist and genre, then create audio files 
or an Audio CD.
Spin it Again makes converting all your old tapes and LP’s into digital music 
fast and simple.
North American Office
ADS Tech Inc, USA
12627 Hidden Creek Way
Cerritos, CA 90703, USA
European Office
ADS Tech
Western Business Park
Shannon, County Clare, Ireland
Pre-Amp Required for Phono Audio or Turntable 
Record Your Old LPs or Cassette tapes to CD, Digital Music Files or iPod
System Requirements.
An available USB port
CD-ROM - for software installation  
CD burner - for making Audio CDs
Windows PC:
Minimum CPU - Intel Pentium 3,  500 MHz or faster
 Windows 98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP,
Windows Vista
256 MB of RAM
Apple G4,  higher  or Intel Core processor
Mac OS 10.X
An available USB port
Toast 7
 Garage Band or Sound Studio 2.1
Box Dimensions.
Part Number.
Audio In:  RCA Stereo (Left and Right); SPDIF (Toslink) 
Audio Out:  RCA Stereo (Left and Right); SPDIF (Toslink)
Power:  USB bus powered (no external supply needed)
USB:  USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible as a Full Speed Device
Capture Audio Specs.
16 bit  
Sampling Rate - 8, 11, 16, 22.05, 32 or 44.1 kHz
THD+N = 0.01%
SNR= 89dB
Playback Audio Specs.
16 bit
Sampling Rate - 32 or 44.1 kHz
THD+N = 0.005%
SNR = 96dB
Instant Music device 
Acoustica Spin It Again
6 ft. USB 2.0 cable
6 ft. RCA audio (L/R) connection cable with turntable 
grounding wire
3.5 mm Stereo to RCA Adapter
Quick Guide 
Spin it Again is an easy to use Wizard driven
software tool that allows you to quickly and
easily record your old LP’s and Cassette tapes
to digital music files. You can save the music
files on your computer and import to iTunes
or other music players or create an audio CD.