Niles Audio C5-SVWM Fascicule

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I N S T A L L A T I O N   G U I D E
F O R   P L A C I N G   S - V I D E O   D E V I C E S   E X T E N D E D    
D I S T A N C E S   F R O M   T H E I R   V I D E O   S O U R C E  
C A T - 5   S - V I D E O   W A L L   M O U N T   B A L U N
Thank you for choosing the 
C5-SVWM S-Video Balun from Niles.
 With proper installa
tion and 
 you’ll enjoy years of trouble free use.
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The C5-SVWM is a stand-alone device that transforms a single S-Video channel to and from 
CAT-5 twisted pair cabling.
 It has two sets of simple connections. The first is an S-Video 
connector for the S-Video signal. The second is a shielded CA
T-5 connector for the CA
twisted pair connection. The circuitr
y is passive so there is no need for a power supply
The C5-SVWM allows an S-Video device such as a 
VCR or satellite receiver to be loca
ted an 
extended distance from the system it is to be connected to. Doing so with conventional video 
cabling is both expensive and prone to signal degradation.
 By using a pair of these devices 
and a run of CAT-5 the problem can be solved inexpensively and without signal loss and 
the introduction of noise. Additionally
, in today’
s retrofit market an installer cannot always 
successfully run a wire from point A to point B.
 There exists ho
wever an abundance of twisted 
pair cabling in many homes.
 By using a pair of these devices with an existing wire an installer 
may be able to complete a job that he otherwise could not.
• Shielded CAT-5 Connector
• Gold Plated S-Video DIN Connector
• Ten-y
ear limited warr
• Overall dimensions:
 1.75" (44.5 mm) W x 2.84" (7.2 mm) H x 1.99" (5 mm) D
• Cut out size: 1.87”
 (47.5 mm) W x 3.00”
 (76.2 mm) H x 2.50” (63.50 mm) D
• Bandwidth: 
Y: DC to 6 MHz
C: 1 MHz to 6 MHz
• Tr
ansmission Distance: 500' (150 m) (CA
T-5 UTP) 
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