Lawn-Boy 10356 Manuel D’Utilisation

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2003 by Lawn-Boy, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Printed in USA
Original Instructions (EN)
Silver Series

Lawn Mower
Model No. 10356—Serial No. 230000001 and Up
Model No. 10357—Serial No. 230000001 and Up
Model No. 10358—Serial No. 230000001 and Up
Form No. 3329-170
Operator’s Manual
Read this manual carefully to learn how to operate
and maintain your product properly and to avoid injury
and product damage. You are responsible for
operating the product properly and safely.
Whenever you need service, genuine Lawn-Boy
parts, or additional information, contact an Authorized
Service Dealer or Lawn-Boy Customer Service and
have the model and serial numbers of your product
ready. The illustration below identifies the location of
the model and serial numbers on the product. Write
the numbers in the space provided below:
Model #:
Serial #:
This manual identifies potential hazards and has
safety messages identified by the following words:
Danger signals an extreme hazard that will
cause serious injury or death if you do not follow
the recommended precautions.
Warning signals a hazard that may cause
serious injury or death if you do not follow the
recommended precautions.
Caution signals a hazard that may cause minor
or moderate injury if you do not follow the
recommended precautions.
This manual uses two other words to highlight
information. Important: calls attention to special
mechanical information and Note: emphasizes
general information worthy of special attention.
The engine exhaust from this product contains
chemicals known to the State of California to
cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive
Important: This engine is not equipped with a spark
arrester muffler. It is a violation of California Public
Resource Code Section 4442 to use or operate this
engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered or
grass-covered land. Other states or federal areas
may have similar laws.
This spark ignition system complies with Canadian
The enclosed Engine Owner’s Manual is supplied for
information regarding The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Emission
Control Regulation of emission systems, maintenance
and warranty. Replacements may be ordered through
the engine manufacturer.
This lawn mower meets or exceeds the CPSC blade
safety requirements for walk-behind rotary lawn
mowers and the B71.1 specifications of the American
National Standards Institute in effect at the time of
Read and understand the contents of this manual
before the engine is ever started.
 This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to
alert you to potential personal injury hazards.
Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol
to avoid possible injury or death.
Improperly using or maintaining this mower
could result in injury or death. To reduce this
potential, comply with the following safety
The following instructions have been adapted from
the ANSI/OPEI standard B71.1—1998.
General Operation
Read, understand, and follow all instructions on
the machine and in the manual. Be thoroughly
familiar with the controls and the proper use of
the mower before starting.
Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating
parts. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all
Only allow responsible individuals, who are
familiar with the instructions, to operate the