FIC A360 Manuel D’Utilisation

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Outline of the A360 
 FIC A360 Service Manual 
up to 12Mbps. This notebook provides two USB ports.  
When you resume the system from suspend mode, the USB port may not 
initialize properly. If in case the USB device does not work, unplug and plug the 
USB device again. This is a known bug released by Intel and Microsoft 
PS/2 Port 
Use the standard PS/2 port to connect an external PS/2-style mouse, PS/2-style keyboard, or 
PS/2 style Numeric Keypad to the system. With a Y-cable adapter which user can purchase at 
local electronic store, user can connect any combination of two of these devices at the same 
time. For non-PS/2 keyboard, you need to use a keyboard adapter that converts the DIN-type 
connector to PS/2 connector.  
Air Inhalant 
Inhale the air into your computer to keep it within operating temperature. 
Do not block the fan while the notebook is in use. 
1.4.4  The Left Side of the Notebook 
Locking Device Keyhole 
Diskette Drive 
Figure 1-10 
Right Side of the Notebook 
Locking Device Keyhole 
Lets you attach a Kensington security system or a compatible lock to secure your notebook 
The notebook comes with a standard 24X+ speed ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive that supports 
all major CD formats like CD-R, Photo CD, and Video CD. The drive utilizes a pop-out tray 
loading mechanism and supports bootable CD by setting the BIOS Setup program. Refer to 
Chapter 2 of User Manual on how to install the CD-ROM driver. The notebook also comes 
with the 8X+ speed DVD-ROM drive or 4X+ speed CD-RW driver options. 
Floppy Diskette Drive (FDD) 
The built-in 3.5 inch FDD allows you to use any standard double-sided high-density (DSHD)