Canon LV-X6 Manuel D'Instructions

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5. Using On-Screen Menu
Enabling Password [Password]
This feature turns on or off the Password function.
Unless the correct password is entered, the projector cannot project an image. (
Selecting Menu Color [Menu color select]
You can choose between two color modes for menu color: color and monochrome.
Selecting Menu Display Time [Menu display time]
This option allows you to select how long the projector waits after the last touch of a button to turn off the menu.
The preset choices are [Manual], [5 sec], [15 sec], and [45 sec].
Selecting a Color for Background [No signal screen]
Use this feature to display a blue, black screen or the Canon logo screen when no signal is available.
Setting Off Timer [Off timer]
You can use the Off Timer feature to turn off the projector automatically at a preset time.
Eight preset times can be selected:Off, 0:30, 1:00, 2:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00 and 16:00.
Setting Auto Adjust [Auto PC adjustment]
This feature sets the Auto PC adjust mode so that the RGB image can be automatically or manually adjusted for noise
and stability. You can automatically make adjustment in two ways: Normal and Fine
Off ......................... The RGB image will not be automatically adjusted.
You can manually optimize the RGB image.
Normal .................. Default setting. The RGB image will be automatically adjusted. Normally select this option.
Fine ....................... Select this option if fine adjustment is needed. It takes more time to switch to the source than when [Nor-
mal] is selected.
Enabling Direct Power ON [Direct power on]
Turns the projector on automatically when the power cable is inserted into an active power outlet. This eliminates the
need to always use the POWER button on the remote control or projector cabinet.
To  use the [Direct power on] function, you must first press the main power switch to the position “On” (I) before
plugging the power cable.
Enabling Power Management [Power management]
When this option is selected you can enable the projector to automatically turn off (at the selected time: 5 min., 10
min., 20 min., 30 min.) if there is no operation with no signal received by any input.