Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Manuale Utente

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Touch operations
This camera’s touch screen senses pressure that is applied to the 
To “touch” is to press the touch screen and then 
pull the finger back again.
Touching is used to select icons or pictures, among 
other actions.
To “drag” is to touch and slide your finger 
across the touch screen surface.
Dragging (sliding your finger across the screen) is 
used to scroll the pictures or change the range of the 
pictures displayed.
Pinch (spread/pinch)
On the touch panel, spread (pinch out) your 2 
fingers to zoom in, and pinch (pinch in) your 2 
fingers to zoom out. You use it when zooming 
in/out of playback pictures etc.
 •You can also zoom in by quickly touching the touch 
screen twice. (If the display was enlarged, it returns 
to the same magnification ratio.)