Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Manuale Utente

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GPS and map functions
Displaying the status and result of positioning
The icons that indicate the status and result of positioning will 
appear on the LCD monitor. When positioning is successful, 
camera will search the place name information (name of place and 
landmark) inside its internal database and display it.
Place name 
GPS reception icon
The same number of icons as the 
number of the GPS satellites (from 
which radio signals are successfully 
received) stop flashing and light.
If the three bars of the GPS reception 
icon do not light and the icon turns 
off, it means that positioning was 
Positioning result icons
(Time elapsed after successful 
positioning) (minute)
:  Positioning failed. No location 
information/place name information 
Positioning will take time in environments where it is difficult to 
receive the signals from the GPS satellites. For details, refer 
to “Using the GPS function to record the location of a picture” 
(Operating Instructions for advanced features).
Even if GPS reception is good, it will take approx. 2 to 3 
minutes to successfully execute positioning under the following 
 •When positioning is executed for the first time
 •When [GPS Setting] was set to [OFF]
 •When [Airplane Mode] was set to [ON] and the camera was 
turned off 
 •When the battery was removed