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 Recording the place of recording with GPS
Recording Mode: 
Record only (Cannot set)
Before use, read “About GPS” (→8) and “User License Agreement for Location Name 
Data” (→165). 
What is GPS?
GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System, which enables people to find their locations 
using GPS satellites. 
Receiving signals that include orbit information and time information from multiple satellites to 
calculate one's current location is referred to as “Positioning”.
This camera can perform positioning when it receives signals from three or more GPS satellites.
GPS functions
When GPS is used, the camera performs the following functions:
• Records location name information and the latitude and longitude for the positioned location on 
the recorded pictures∗
• Corrects automatically to the current time∗
• Corrects the time to the local time after moving to a country or region in a different time zone∗
 Still pictures or motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite(GPS REC)] or [MOTION JPEG]
 When [AUTO CLOCK SET] or [WORLD TIME] is set to [AUTO]
 Receiving signals from GPS satellites
Set [GPS SETTING] to [ON] or 
When using the GPS, we recommend holding the camera still for a while with the 
GPS antenna facing upward in an outdoor location where you can see the entire sky.
Positioning usually takes less than two minutes, but because the positions of the GPS 
satellites change over time, it may take longer depending on the recording location 
and environment.
In the following types of locations, it may not be possible to correctly receive the 
signals from the GPS satellites. In such cases, positioning may not be possible, or 
significant positioning discrepancy may occur.
• Indoors
• Near high-voltage power lines
• Underground or underwater (when using a marine case)
• In tunnels
• In forests
• Near 1.5 GHz mobile phones, etc.
• Near buildings or in valleys
Do not cover the GPS antenna with your hands or anything else.
If you are carrying the camera during positioning, 
do not carry it in a metal carrier or similar container. 
Positioning cannot be performed when the camera 
is covered by a material such as metal.
Using in locations such as airplanes or 
When [GPS SETTING] is set to [ON], the GPS function operates even when the 
camera's power is off. 
When turning off the camera’s power in an airplane, hospital or other restricted area, 
set [GPS SETTING] to [OFF] or 
. (→85)
• If the status indicator flashes periodically while the camera’s power is off, [GPS SETTING] is set 
to [ON].
GPS antenna
Status indicator
Select [GPS SETTING] from 
the Travel Mode menu (→20)
Select [ON] or 
• To cancel, select [OFF]
Close the menu
When checking GPS reception
Select [INFO] in Step   to check the 
current reception.
• Set [GPS SETTING] to [ON] or 
Received GPS time
Number of GPS satellite 
signals received
Latitude and longitude
• Press [MENU/SET] to start positioning
Positioning operation timing
Positioning continues even when the camera’s 
power is off, so you can record pictures with 
location name information recorded on them as 
soon as you turn on the power again.
Because the positioning continues even when the 
camera’s power is off, battery power is consumed.
When the camera’s power is off, the positioning 
stops in the following cases. If the positioning 
stops, the positioning will take some time, after 
turning on the camera's power.
• When the battery level is low, 
 comes on, or 
the battery is replaced
• When positioning is not successful for 2 hours 
after the camera’s power is turned off
• When the camera’s power has not been turned 
on for 3 hours
When the camera’s 
power is on
• Immediately after the 
power is turned on
• Every 5 minutes
When the camera’s 
power is off∗
• Every 15 minutes
The status indicator 
flashes when 
The positioning may take some time, after turning 
on the camera’s power. Location name information 
will not be recorded for pictures recorded at this 
time while positioning is in progress.
When the camera’s 
power is on∗
• Immediately after the 
power is turned on
• Every 5 minutes
Positioning is not 
performed when the 
camera’s power is off.
Positioning is not possible unless signals are received from three or more GPS 
satellites. Move to a location where the sky is as clear as possible before performing 
[GPS SETTING] is not available in the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5.