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7193 Owner’s Guide
Quick Reference
May 1996
Quick Reference
This Quick Reference will direct you to key areas of the Owner's Guide. For a
complete listing of topics, see the Contents or Index.
Ordering Paper and Supplies
page 4
Information on where and how to obtain paper and optional items.
Setting Up the Printer
page 9
Basic requirements for unpacking and installing the printer.
Loading and Changing Paper
page 19
A brief discussion of the simple paper loading procedure.
Testing the Printer
page 23
Procedures for running a test to check the print quality of the printer.
Solving Problems
page 29
What to do if a problem occurs.
page 33
A technical discussion of the three levels of diagnostics available.
Communication Interfaces
page 45
Specifications for the RS-232 and Parallel communication interfaces.
page 63
Lists and descriptions of the programming commands.
page 101
Technical specifications for the printer.