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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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2.8.4  Risks due to Loss of Control 
Failure of remote signalling. 
If remote signalling fails or the signal lines are interrupted, 
the control room can no longer control the equipment. 
In such an event, faults can only be identified locally at the 
unit itself. 
Failure of external emergency switching device 
 Disconnect the equipment safely. 
Failure of the display and operation unit. 
If the display and operation unit fails, the skilled personnel 
will no longer be able to control the equipment. 
In such an event, faults will no longer be displayed. 
 Inform the control room. 
2.8.5  Risks from Maintenance and Repair Work 
Only trained and qualified skilled personnel (as de-
scribed above) may work on or around the equipment 
while strictly observing the safety regulations. 
Risk to life due to electric shock. 
Potentially fatal voltages are present in the equipment. 
 Disconnect safely. 
 Secure the unit against being switched back on. 
 Verify that all poles are de-energised. 
 Earth and short-circuit the equipment. 
 Provide protection in the form of covers or barriers for 
any neighbouring live parts. 
Damage to property. 
 Only use original spare parts. 
 Do not intervene in the equipment without authorisa-
tion to do so. 
 Observe the safety regulations.