Panasonic TX-L50E6B Guida Al Funzionamento

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Custom - Wireless Access Point
You can use the TV as a wireless access point and connect the network 
equipment without an access point.
Confirm the PIN code, network settings of the equipment before starting 
setup. For details, read the manual of the equipment.
1.  Display the menu with 
2. Select 
Network Connection
Wireless Access Point
with   /   /   /   and press 
 to access
3. Select 
Connect to device in WPS
 with   /   and press 
 to access
To set manually, select 
Change settings
. (see below)
4.  Select and set 
WPS(Push button)
 with   /   and press 
WPS(Push button)
Set the equipment to WPS (Push button) mode. For details, read the 
manual of the equipment.
Enter the PIN code of the equipment.
If the connection has failed, check the settings and positions of the 
equipment. And then, follow the on-screen instructions.
Change settings
You can set up 
Network name(SSID)
Encryption key
Wireless type
Channel setting method
Follow the on-screen instructions and set manually.
Reset settings
 to reset the items of 
Change settings
= Note =
You cannot connect the internet service while the TV is set to 
Access Point
You can connect up to 7 devices. But the transfer rate will vary according 
to communication environment or the numbers of connected equipment.
To confirm the current network settings
Ensure the equipment to connect supports WPS for this setup.
WPS: Wi-Fi Protected Setup™