Cokin MAGNET - TYPE R730-M M Wide-Angle lense, x0.5 R730MM Dépliant

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A revolution in the PHOTO/VIDEO  
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The Conversion Lenses with Magnetic Fixation 
COKIN, French well-known specialists in Digital Photography and Imaging for years, are 
launching a range of revolutionary universal conversion lenses that will boost the capacities of 
personal Digital Imaging equipment. 
The new COKIN MAGNE-FIX Lenses feature magnetic attachment instead of a thread. They 
can be used with many unthreaded camera lenses thanks to a unique metallic ring that sticks 
around the camera lens. This magnetic ring can remain permanently on the camera, or it can be 
easily removed if necessary. 
The range of COKIN MAGNE-FIX Lenses includes two models: Wide-Angle x0.5 and 
Telephoto x2.0. They modify the angle of vision into a much wider image (Wide-Angle x0.5) or 
a much closer image (Telephoto x2.0). 
Wish to see a Larger or Closer Image ? 
Even the most recent Digital Cameras are likely to have a 
very limited angle of vision. You wish to shoot PORTRAIT 
photographs from far away, or very close to the subject ? 
The solution is the COKIN MAGNE-FIX lens with magnetic 
fixation ! Put a Wide-Angle lens onto your Digital Camera and 
you can frame all your friends at once ! Are your kids playing 
at the bottom of your garden ? Multiply by 2 the power of 
your  camera  with  a  Telephoto  lens  and  keep  this  magic 
moment, from far away, without disturbing them ! Do you 
want to shoot an idyllic evening LANDSCAPE, with the nice 
castle in the distances on the right ? Put a Wide-Angle lens 
onto your camera and increase its angle of vision. The answer 
is MAGNE-FIX – it’s as simple as that ! 
 x 2
 x 0.5