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These are the cornerstones of TRUESONIC speakers, which 
provide exceptionally transparent sound for musicians and live 
sound engineers alike. TRUESONIC speakers enlist their ultra-pure 
signal path, super-efficient driver design, and durable, lightweight 
polypropylene enclosures to deliver precise reproduction of 
deep lows, crystal-clear high-end and smooth mid-range. With 
TRUESONIC speakers, what you put in is exactly what you get out.
The TS115A features modern Class D amplification integrated into 
the cabinet. Class D amps are generally lighter than Class A and 
AB amplifier designs and offer substantial power for nearly any 
application; the TS115A delivers 800 Watts of Class D power. 
Both the 15” low frequency and 1” high frequency drivers in the 
TS115A are designed to make sure that virtually no energy is 
wasted. That translates into more of the power from the amplifier 
actually working to generate sound rather than heat, giving the 
TS115A better real-world performance than other loudspeakers 
with comparable published specifications. Inside and out, every 
component of the TS115A was developed to provide accurate, 
transparent, powerful sound.
15” Woofer, with 2” voice coil
• Small/mid-sized PA systems
• Halls, auditoriums, amphitheaters
• Bars, restaurants, clubs
• Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and dance studios
• Houses of worship
• Mobile DJ systems and weddings
• Special events, and presentations
• Rentals 
• 800 Watts Class D power
• 15” low frequency transducer, 1” neodymium driver
• 2 Mic/Line combo inputs with independent volume controls 
• XLR output to link speakers
• Lightweight, trapezoidal cabinet with handles 
• 100º x 60º Long throw coverage field
• Stand/pole mountable or flyable
• Clip Limiter with red LED
• Ground Lift switch
• Contour switch for increased EQ control 
• Accurate audience coverage, not just on-axis
• Designed and tuned in the USA 
26.8” x 16.9” x 15.2” (679 mm x 430 mm  x 385 mm)
39.6 lbs (17.98 kg) / 45.37 lbs (20.58 kg) 
2.5 kHz
53 Hz -19 kHz 
Over-excursion, Thermal, Driver
126 dB peak, 123 dB continuous
800 Watts peak (670 W LF + 130 W HF)
400 Watts continuous (335 W LF + 65 W HF)   
(80° / 100° H x 60° V) 
Neodymium compression driver, 1” exit with 1” voice coil
Line / Mic -
 to +50 dB 
Maximum input level +23 dBu, Input Impedance 15 kOhms
Volume, Power switch with LED indicator,  
Clip/Limit LED, Ground Lift switch 
100 VAC,  or 110 – 120 VAC, 
or 220 -  240 VAC  (50 / 60 Hz) 
Trapezoidal, with floor monitor capability. Injection molded 
polypropylene enclosure, with perforated steel grille.
Integrated pole-socket (36 mm dia.) 
Two handles, 6 M10 threaded sockets:  
2 top, 2 bottom, 2 pullbacks
Transducer Low:
Transducer High:
Power Amplification:
Frequency Range (-10 dB):  
Frequency Response 
(±3 dB)
Maximum SPL 
@ 1 m
-6 dB Nominal Coverage:  
Active Crossover: 
Input  Control: 
External Controls: 
Protection Features:
AC Power: 
Dimensions (HxWxD):
Weight (Net/Shipping): 
2 x Mic / Line Female XLR - 1/4” combo inputs
1 x Loop - Out Male XLR 
42 Hz -20 kHz