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HP offers a wide variety of rack accessories that help you to configure HP Racks. For more information go to
HP Rack Cable Trays
Rack Top Cable Tray, 600W
Rack Top Cable Tray, 800W
Rack to Rack Adjustable Cable Tray, Aisle Transfer Bridge
NOTE: The Aisle Transfer bridge allows for cabling trays to be connected even across different aisles in the
NOTE: These kits mount on the top of the 9000 and 10000 Series rack (except the S10614 rack). Kit color is
Rear Extension Kits
10636 G2 Rear Extension Kit (155mm)
NOTE: Compatible with 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks. Extends the rack 155mm for ideal cable
management and adding Dual Rack Mounted PDU.
HP Rack Light Kit
110V/220V Rack Light Kit
NOTE: Supports HP Rack 10000 Series and HP Rack 10000 G2 series. This neon light kit is mounted on the rack
roof and used to provide light to the rear section of the rack.
Technical Specifications
Rated Input
100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Max Rated Output
9A / 240VAC
Power Consumption
HP Rack Securing Kit
600W 10000 G2 Rack Tie Down
NOTE: For HP 10000 G2 Series only. The tie down kit is used to secure the rack to the datacenter floor.
NOTE: The Rack Tie Down Kit is not a Zone 4 tested product.
HP Locking Drawer
HP 2U Universal Locking Drawer (WW)
NOTE: This product mounts on HP 10000 Series and HP Rack 10000 G2 series racks with sliding rails and is
used to store CD's, Instruction manuals, tools, and any other item that is frequently used at the rack. Drawer
includes lock.
HP Airflow Optimization
HP 10000 Series Rack Airflow Optimization Kit
NOTE: The Airflow Optimization kit is designed to prevent hot and cold air from mixing thus optimizing the
temperature at which the chilled air enters the racked servers.
NOTE: When configuring racks through Factory Express, a Rack Optimization kit will automatically ship with the
rack. This kit is recommended for all other rack configurations also.
HP Rack Accessories
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