Fujitsu Lifebook E8420 VFY:E8420MF011NC Dépliant

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 E8420 Notebook
Supplying more power and better performance with next-generation 
 2 Mobile Technology, the Fujitsu LifeBook
notebook provides a highly flexible platform that can be configured to 
meet a diverse array of business demands. Coupled with renowned 
Fujitsu product reliability and durability, this notebook will shorten your 
return on investment cycle and lighten the load on your IT technical 
support team.
The LifeBook E8420 notebook is available with the Intel
 2 Duo Mobile Technology. The two execution cores 
ensure you are optimized for multi-threaded applications and 
With Intel
 Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Graphics, 
you’re choosing a smarter, integrated solution for your visual 
needs. The LifeBook E8420 notebook also features a powerful 
 9300M GS. This optional 
graphics card is the ideal solution for today’s business 
professionals because it provides the horsepower needed to 
drive visual applications along with the tools needed to build 
more compelling visual communications with rich multimedia. 
Easy Deployment & Management
Simplify deployment and management – and ultimately reduce 
TCO – with the following features:
A modular bay supports a variety of devices, including a 
wide selection of optical drives, modular bay battery, and a 
convenient weight saver insert
 High-capacity and modular bay batteries are available for 
extended computing time
 The notebook is equipped with HDMI, serial, parallel, and 
IEEE 1394 ports
 A variety of communications options are available to 
seamlessly integrate into your corporate environment
 A port replicator (compatible with other LifeBook E8000 
series notebooks) is also available for simple connection to all 
your peripherals
The LifeBook E8420 notebook offers a combination of physical 
hardware and software security solutions to provide the highest 
levels of mobile computer protection. When the time comes for 
an organization to implement one or more security features, the 
LifeBook E8420 notebook is ready for deployment.
Fujitsu offers an optional built-in biometric fingerprint swipe 
sensor that eliminates the need for managing multiple 
passwords when accessing the network and managing email 
accounts, as well as other protected systems.
The embedded TCG 1.2-compliant Trusted Platform Module 
(TPM) protects digital identification and data, and can be used 
to authenticate you into your network. It also allows users to 
securely store private keys and certificates for file and folder 
encryption, Web, email, digital signatures, and passwords. 
The dedicated Smart Card slot supports a wide range of 
third-party applications, such as secure online transactions, 
personalized authentication services, access to personal data, 
and “e-cash” storage options.
With more than 800,000 possible passwords, the integrated 
Security Panel system adds another measure of security to help 
protect your data. The LifeBook E8420 notebook also features 
two-level hard drive and BIOS password protection, allowing 
system administrators to have a password that’s secret from 
users, and can be used to unlock their notebook if the user 
password is lost.
Flexible Connectivity
With built in 56K modem and Gigabit Ethernet LAN, you can 
easily connect to your office network or Web from practically 
anywhere. For wireless connectivity, the Intel
 Wireless Wi-Fi 
Link 5300AGN or Atheros XSPAN
 offers seamless and flexible 
connectivity. If you use a Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone or 
PDA, your LifeBook E8420 notebook can be equipped with 
integrated Bluetooth (version 2.1) wireless technology for data 
synchronization and swapping images or data. The HDMI port 
connects you to the growing world of HD. Watch your video or 
business presentation on a large HD flat screen.
Stable and Reliable
The LifeBook E8420 notebook has a sturdy magnesium 
cover—a feature that has contributed to LifeBook notebooks 
being named some of the most reliable in the industry. The 
new LifeBook E8420 notebook also features a spill-resistant 
In a time when most PCs are assembled by third-party vendors, 
Fujitsu takes pride in its own world-class design, rigorous 
testing, and manufacturing capabilities. Fujitsu provides 
extremely high quality mobile computers with one of the  
lowest failure rates in the industry.
Optional Wireless USB combining 
the speed and security of wired 
technology with the ease-of-use 
of wireless technology 
(Available in U.S. only)
Optional NVIDIA GPU for great 
graphics performance (256 MB)
Modular bay versatility: Easy-to-
swap out an optical drive for a 
modular bay battery for extended 
computing experience.
802.11draft/n for excellent WLAN 
range and throughput
Offers comprehensive security 
features such as optional 
fingerprint sensor, dedicated 
Smart Card slot, embedded TPM 
and security panel.
HDMI port delivers  
high-definition video and audio
Serial and parallel ports to 
connect to legacy peripherals