Vosonic VP6300 Manuale Utente

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Problems Video 
The un-synchronization may be that the original video was encoded at an NTSC 
frame rate and your VP6300 is set to display the output as PAL (see the system 
display settings) or vice versa. Try changing this to the other setting.   
Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I hear music? 
-If the player says it is playing a video or music and you don't 
hear anything, then there may be h a problem with your 
speakers, headphones or your. If you can hear other sounds 
through your speaker then there might be a problem with our 
If you feel the latter to be the case, then please contact us and 
provide us with as much information as you can . 
The system does not react 
when buttons are press. 
Remove and reconnect the AC adapter plug and switch on the 
system again   
The remote control does not 
function properly   
-Reduce the distance between the remote control and the 
- Insert the batteries with their polarties (+/- signs) aligned as 
indicated . 
-Replace the batteries 
- Point the remote control directly toward IR sensor on the front 
of the system. 
How can I get a battery 
replacement for my VP6300 
If the unit is within the warranty , it needs to be sent to Vosonic 
for replacement with your warranty card. 
If it is out off warranty , you can get it from digital camera 
dealers . please note only use the Li-ion 3.7V 1800 mAh 
battery Model : FUJIFILM NP-120 
Can my VP6300 view TIFF 
or RAW files? 
No, the VP6300 can only view JPG files 
How do I browse my files on 
the VP6300    while I am 
playing a music file? 
 You can browse your files while listening to a MP3 or 
WMA ,WAV music file only.   While your music is playing, 
press the “MENU” button to enter the “Hide “ mode. 
Note: This feature only available during Music playback