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Welcome to Just Dance
3 on Kinect! Invite your friends, have fun and dance to the 
coach’s choreography, or record your own and play them back with your friends! There 
are 49 songs for you to choose from and new modes for lively games!
The goal of the game is to dance in rhythm, as closely as possible with the coach(es) 
on screen. The fl ow of your body movements will be captured by the Kinect Sensor 
and compared with those of the on-screen dancers in order to precisely evaluate your 
performance. The amount of energy you put in is also detected and impacts your score, 
so give it your all!
Exclusive to Kinect, Just Create allows you to record your own choreography, play it 
back with your friends and share it online!
• Make sure that you have enough space to dance.
• Always be aware of your play surroundings to avoid accidentally hitting objects.
• Follow the on-screen coach as if he/she were your refl ection in a mirror.
• Copy the coach’s movements as closely as possible.
• Follow the coach, follow the rhythm and dance up a storm!
•  Once you’ve learned the choreography, the pictograms will help you prepare for 
upcoming dance moves.
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