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Figure 23 – Configure Photo Sharing 
The Summary screen notifies you of changes that have been made during the 
Configuration process for your review. Click “Finish” to store and exit, or 
“Cancel” to abort. See Figure 24. 
Copyright© 2006 Digital Spectrum Solutions, Inc.
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11. MemoryFrame Onboard Menu System 
When the user presses the Menu button, the MemoryFrame enters the 
Management menu.  This menu system, which is controlled by pushing the 
buttons on the top of the MemoryFrame, allows you to use the MemoryFrame 
without a PC to upload images and configure slideshows by simply using the 
buttons on the top of the MemoryFrame unit.  In this mode, the user may 
upload new images, alter the current slide show, record voice or music, or 
change MemoryFrame options as described in the following sections. 
Menu Navigation 
When entering the menu system, the MemoryFrame changes the usage of 
three of the buttons:  Forward (►), Select, and Reverse (◄).  See Figure 
Fwd/Rev/Select Buttons
Menu Button
Figure 16 – Menu Buttons 
While in the Menu system, the following buttons are used to navigate 
through the MemoryFrame management menus and to execute the various 
management functions as follows: 
Forward (►) 
While in the Menu system, pressing the Forward (►) 
button will move the item selector either down to next 
menu text line, or to the right to next thumbnail, 
depending upon the current menu context. Pressing the 
Forward button while a slideshow is playing will bring 
up thumbnail views so you can scroll through the stored