Rorke Data 9650SE-12ML PCI Express to Serial ATA II Hardware RAID Controllers Featuring 9650SE-12ML Dépliant

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3ware® 9650SE 
High-Performance PCI Express to Serial ATA II RAID Controller 
Product Brief
LSI 3ware 9650SE
K E Y   F E A T U R E S
   Simultaneous P+Q parity generation to 
maximize RAID 6 performance
   Over 700MB/s RAID 6 reads and over 
600MB/s RAID 6 writes
   StorSwitch™ 8th generation non-blocking 
switch fabric for maximum
  controller throughput
   StreamFusion optimizes I/O accesses 
to maximize application performance 
under multiple stream loads
   StorSave BBU with write journaling opti-
mizes data protection and performance
   Award winning Multi-lane combines 
four SATA ports into a single locked 
connection for improved I/O subsystem 
reliability and airflow
   Supports advanced SATA II features 
including 3Gb/s and NCQ
   2, 4, 8-port low profile configurations
   12, 16, and 24-port full 
height configurations
   RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, Single Disk, 
and JBOD  
The Best Keeps Getting Better
The 3ware 9650SE PCI Express to SATA II RAID 
controller pushes LSI established leadership in 
RAID controller performance to new heights.  
While 3ware controllers continue to lead the 
market in RAID 5 performance, the 3ware 
9650SE outshines the competition as the  
new standard bearer for RAID 6 performance, 
delivering over 700MB/s RAID 6 reads and 
600MB/s RAID 6 writes. 
The 3ware 9650SE offers the most compre-
hensive line of PCI Express controllers, available 
in both low profile and full height footprints 
with 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24-port configurations. 
All 4-port and above models feature 3ware’s 
award-winning Multi-lane connectivity. The 
9650SE supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 
Single Disk, and JBOD.
Red Hot RAID 6
RAID 6 eliminates the risk of data loss if a  
second hard disk drive fails while the RAID array 
is rebuilding.  In a 3ware RAID 6 system, two 
sets of parity are simultaneously calculated, 
written, and rotated across all the drives.  This 
second parity calculation enables the array to 
survive up to two drive failures without losing 
data, significantly improving fault tolerance.  
The 3ware parallel XOR RAID 6 parity generation 
algorithm maximizes RAID 6 throughput, so 
that RAID 6 enabled 9650SE controllers deliver 
unequaled RAID 6 performance. 
Get Connected via the  
Multi-lane Expressway
3ware’s award winning Multi-lane high band-
width SATA connection system is fast, secure, 
simple, and clutter free. Multi-lane combines 
four SATA ports into a single locked connection. 
Four lanes of high speed SATA traffic travel 
through just one cable, significantly reducing  
the number of cables needed to connect 
controllers, backplanes, and standard SATA 
drives. A 16-port Multi-lane controller needs 
only four cables, compared to sixteen cables 
with discrete solutions, for dramatically better 
reliability, airflow and convenience.
Enterprise-class RAID Storage
The 9650SE’s advanced RAID features, SATA II 
connectivity, and powerful 3ware performance 
architecture make it the ideal controller for 
vertical applications that require the highest 
levels of sustained write and read performance 
including NAS storage, web servers, cluster 
servers, supercomputing, near-line backup and 
archival, security systems, pro audio and video 
applications, and other demanding storage 
applications that need high-bandwidth, high-
capacity sequential performance.
LSI 3ware 9650SE SATA II hardware RAID controllers deliver industry- 
leading RAID 6 and RAID 5 performance, robust fault tolerance, and  
multi-terabyte capacities.  A PCI Express host interface, Multi-lane™  
connectivity, StorSwitch™ architecture, and sophisticated SATA II features 
drive this unrivaled performance. 
Block 10
Block 7
Block 4
P1 Parity
Disk #1 
Block 11
Block 8
P2 Parity
Q1 Parity
Disk #2
Block 12
P3 Parity
Q2 Parity
Block 1
Disk #3
Q4 Parity
Block 9
Block 6
Block 3
Disk #5
Striped Data with Distributed Double Parity — RAID 6
Host Data 
P4 Parity
Q3 Parity
Block 5
Block 2
Disk #4
RAID 6:  Two sets of parity data, P + Q, are 
striped across disks. RAID 6 safeguards against 
data loss during rebuild mode by allowing up 
to two consecutive drive failures for maximum 
fault tolerance.