Zenoah SRTZ2401 Manuale Utente

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times of strong or gale-force winds, or at any other
times when weather conditions might make it
unsafe to use the product.
1. You should never use the product when under the
influence of alcohol, when suffering from exhaustion
or lack of sleep, when suffering from drowsiness as
a result of having taken cold medicine or at any
other time when a possibility exists that your
judgment might be impaired or that you might not be
able to operate the product properly and in a safe
2. When planning your work schedule, allow plenty of
time to rest. Limit the amount of time over which the
product is to be used continuously to somewhere
around 30–40 minutes per session, and take 10–20
minutes of rest between work sessions. Also try to
keep the total amount of work performed in a single
day under 2 hours or less.
1. If you don’t observe the working time, or working
manner (See nUSING THE PRODUCT), Repetitive
Stress Injury(RSI) could occur.
If you feel discomfort, redness and swelling of
your fingers or any other part of your body, see a
doctor before getting worse.
2. To avoid noise complaints, in general, operate
product between 8a.m. and 5p.m. on weekdays
and 9a.m. to 5p.m. weekends. 
Check and follow the local regulations as to sound
level and hours of operations for the product. 
1. The area within a perimeter of 15 m of the person
using the product should be considered a hazardous
area into which no one should enter. If necessary
yellow warning rope, warning signs should be placed
around the perimeter of the area. When work is to be
performed simultaneously by two or more persons,
care should also be taken to constantly look around
or otherwise check for the presence and locations of
other people working so as to maintain a distance
between each person sufficient to ensure safety.
2. Check the condition of working area to avoid any
accident by hitting hidden obstacles such as stumps,
stones, cans, or broken grass. 
5. For safe operation