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Second-Order PMD 
Particularly important in multichannel transmission, second-order PMD is derived from the measured PMD value. EXFO’s software provides 
second-order PMD delay and coefficient values for telecom fibers. These values allow you to characterize fibers and cables more precisely than 
simple PMD and better control the transmission quality of high-speed systems. 
ToolBox Software Solutions
PMD Touch and Go 
EXFO’s ToolBox software suite runs the FTB-400’s test module applications. The user-friendly touchscreen provides easy access to menus and
functions, for highly productive, yet simple testing in the field.
Simple Step-by-Step Measurements 
Step-by-step instructions make testing easy and virtually error-free. Both new users and experts can obtain fast, accurate and efficient PMD
measurements with minimal training. The analysis software calculates and displays a fiber’s total PMD and coefficient, as well as the second-order
PMD value and coefficient.
Multiple Measurement Possibilities
Check for long-term stability. Make several PMD measurements over long time periods with the Multiple Measurement mode, and monitor PMD
changes over an extended time.
Statistical Result Tables 
View your results quickly and easily. After completing multiple tests, the FTB-5500B PMD
Analyzer automatically compiles the results in a table and provides statistical analysis:
Mean PMD delay and coefficient
Standard deviation PMD delay and coefficient 
Minimum and maximum PMD delay and coefficient
Benefit from powerful statistical analysis for 
Averaging multiple tests on one fiber
Averaging sets of pre-averaged fibers to produce cable stats 
Gathering data from end-to-end fibers and calculating 
of total PMD (link creation)
Data Management Features 
Manage all your data with ease. EXFO’s software includes various data management
features, such as automatic file naming and statistical and table management, as well as
custom report generation and batch printing. The software also comes with a file converter,
which transforms PMD files into text files.