Brocade E1MG-LX-OM データシート

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• Rigorously tested for performance and 
reliability by Brocade
• Hot-swappable flexibility in the field for
greater ease and lower total cost of 
• Standards-based—802.3z, 802.3ah,
802.3u, 802.3ae, 802.3ak, and 
802.3ba—and compliant as required
• Compliant with Requirements to Reduce
Hazardous Substances (RoHS), meeting 
either RoHS 5 or RoHS 6 EU standards
Highly Reliable, Brocade-  
Qualified Optics
Brocade offers a unique set of high-
performance, reliable, and cost-effective 
optical transceivers that help enterprises
and service providers meet the challenges
of diverse network topologies. To ensure 
maximum quality, Brocade selects and
tests the most reliable, highest-performing
optical transceivers on the market, and then
warrants their availability, capacity, and
performance in Brocade
Extensive performance and reliability
testing reflects an ongoing commitment
to quality. Brocade tests transceivers 
using the industry’s most advanced tools
and instruments to help ensure that they
provide the right mix of functionality and
performance when used in conjunction with
Brocade products. The speed, capacity,
reliability, and low cost of ownership that
Brocade is known for is also provided in all 
optical components.
By using Brocade-qualified components,
organizations can be assured that their
warranty and service requirements will 
be met and that their Brocade products
will continually provide the uptime,
performance, and reliability required by 
today’s leading enterprise service providers.
The Brocade One
strategy helps
simplify networking infrastructures 
through innovative technologies and
solutions. The Brocade optics family
supports this strategy by delivering
thoroughly tested and standards-
compliant optics that enable simple,
non-stop connectivity across diverse 
storage resources.