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The SELECT-A-TENNA is a highly sensitive AM radio antenna that requires no con-
nection to your radio. It uses no batteries nor external power source of any kind.
Used with your radio it creates a super-sensitive radio-antenna combination better
than the most expensive radio on the retail market.
Long distance nighttime reception depends on the skywave signal. The skywave
generally fades in signal strength causing periodic interruptions in service. The
SELECT-A-TENNA boosts the weak signal and in most cases almost completely eliminates signal
dropout. For daytime listening, the SELECT-A-TENNA effectively doubles the normal listening range
of a radio station anywhere in the country. Our experience has shown that at distances of 700 miles
the antenna reduces nighttime fadeout almost entirely. Also the SELECT-A-TENNA usually helps in
rejecting an overriding station of similar frequency.
The SELECT-A-TENNA works by focusing radio waves like a magnifying lens focuses light. When
positioned correctly, the SELECT-A-TENNA focuses the signal from a distant broadcaster onto the
built-in antenna of your radio.
AM antennas (the SELECT-A-TENNA included) are directional. They work best when aimed toward
the station you are trying to receive. The position of your radio and that of the SELECT-A-TENNA
next to it are very important for maximum performance. Maximum signal strength is obtained when
the back face of the SELECT-A-TENNA is parallel to a line drawn toward the desired station (See
drawing with arrow). Keep this in mind as you follow the operating instructions below.
1. Tune your radio to any very weak AM station. It is important that the station be weak so you can
clearly detect the improvement in reception. The SELECT-A-TENNA has no noticeable effect on
strong stations.
2. Place the SELECT-A-TENNA next to the radio as shown in Drawing “A” (see over). Adjust the tun-
ing knob on the SELECT-A-TENNA and listen for changes in reception. Reception should improve
immediately. If not, try another position as shown in drawings “B”, “C”, or “D” (over) and continue with
step 3.
3. Move the SELECT-A-TENNA to various positions near the radio. You are looking for the ``sweet
spot'' where improvement is greatest. Once found, this will be the set-up that works for ALL STA-
TIONS with your radio. To fine-tune for stations in different geographic locations, rotate the radio and
SELECT-A-TENNA as a unit until you find the position that gives you the best results.
4. Finally, re-tune both the radio and the SELECT-A-TENNA (using their knobs) for best perfor-
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