Zenoah EXZ2401S ユーザーズマニュアル

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very quickly.
2. GASOHOL – It can cause deterioration of rubber
and/or plastic parts and disruption of engine
3. OIL FOR 4-CYCLE ENGINE USE – It can cause
spark plug  fouling, exhaust port blocking, or piston
ring sticking.
4. Mixed fuels which have been left unused for a
period of one month or more may clog the
carburetor and result in the engine failing to operate
5. In the case of storing the product for a long period of
time, clean the fuel tank after rendering it empty.
Next, activate the engine and empty the carburetor
of the composite fuel.
6. In the case of scrapping the used mixed oil
container, scrap it only at an authorized repository
As lot details of quality assurance, read the description
in the section Limited Warranty carefully.  Moreover,
normal wear and change in product with no functional
influence are not covered by the warranty. Also, be
careful that, if the usage in the instruction manual is not
observed as to the mixed gasoline, etc. described
therein, it may not be covered by the warranty.
7. Fuel