Zenoah EXZ2401S ユーザーズマニュアル

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9. Maintenance
• Inspect periodically, the muffler for loose fasteners,
any damage or corrosion. If any sign of exhaust
leakage is found, stop using the machine and have it
repaired immediately. 
• Note that failing to do so may result in the
engine catching on fire.
• The muffler is equipped with a spark arrester to
prevent red hot carbon from flying out of the exhaust
outlet. Periodically inspect and clean as necessary
with a wire brush. 
In the State of California it is required by law
(Section 4442 of the California Public Resources
Code) to equip a spark arrester when a gas powered
tool is used in any forest covered, brush covered, or
grass covered unimproved land. (MA4)
(1) Spark arrester  
• Never touch the cylinder, muffler, or spark plugs
with your bare hands immediately after stopping
the engine.  The engine can become very hot
when in operation, and doing so could result in
severe burns.
• When checking the machine to make sure that it
is okay before using it, check the area around
the muffler and remove any wood chips or
leaves which have attached themselves to the
brushcutter. Failing to do so could cause the
muffler to become overheated, and that this in
turn could cause the engine to catch on fire.
Always make sure that the muffler is clean and
free of wood chips, leaves, and other waste
before use.
• Check the intake air cooling vent and the area
around the cylinder cooling fins after every 25 hours
of use for blockage, and remove any waste which
has attached itself to the brushcutter. Note that it is
necessary to remove the engine cover shown in
(MA5) in order to be able to view the upper part of
the cylinder.