Zhone 6382-A1-200 ユーザーズマニュアル

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6300 ADSL2+/ReachDSL Enhanced DSL CPE Family
6381, 6382, 6388
combination of standards
based ADSL and ReachDSL
on a single platform
DELT - Dual Ended Loop
Automatically selects
technology with best
performance - ADSL,
ADSL2, ADSL2+, or
ReachDSL 2.2
Speeds beyond 24 Mbps
using ADSL2+
Compatible with all
DSLAMs providing
standard ADSL, ADSL2,
and ADSL2+
Integrated telephone
Bridge and router
Bridge/Router, Multi-Port Switch, and WiFi Intelligent
CPE Family
With Zhone's innovative, easy to use ADSL/R CPE family, service providers can
provide ADSL2+ service and ReachDSL service in the same unit, ensuring coverage
to the entire subscriber base. The 6300 CPE family provides enhanced remote
diagnostic tools that allow the service provider to remotely access this enhanced
endpoint for quick trouble isolation in order to maintain the highest level of service.
The Zhone 6300 enhanced CPE are easily user-installed. The embedded web-based
user interface is designed to simplify ADSL deployment. All products provide an
Ethernet connection that is auto-sensing, eliminating the worry about connection
cable type (straight-through vs crossover). All units include a built in POTS filter that
eliminates the expense of an external filter as well as reduces installation errors.
The 6300 enhanced CPE all default to a simple bridge. This and other default settings
make for a quick and easy installation that doesn't require any configuration.
When operating in router mode, these gateways support DHCP Server/Relay/Client,
NAPT, as well as RIP, dynamic routing, port forwarding, static routing, and ping
initiation. For security firewall functions including PAP (Password Access Protocol)
and CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) are supported.
The 6382 multiport Ethernet CPE and the 6388 multiport Ethernet CPE with wireless
access incorporate an Ethernet switch rather than a hub and provide versatile
solutions for the deployment of residential and business customers including packet
voice and video services.
In addition all of the CPE that make up the 6300 family support the key OpIQ feature
DELT to help service providers debug subscriber service issues. DELT, or Dual End
Loop Test, is a feature that is present in Zhone's ADSL2+ DSLAMs and BLCs and is
also a feature of Zhone ADSL2+ CPEs. Because DELT is a dual-ended test, it requires
equipment that supports the DELT feature at both ends of the copper loop.
DELT is primarily used for reactive tests on a loop after a modem has been
deployed—either to help troubleshoot a line or to capture a baseline of loop
characteristics at the time of installation.

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