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3. Using the Web Interface
January 2005
To set up options not available on the Quick Start screen, select Setup from the 
Home page. 
 shows the Setup page. The menu has two sections: the 
WAN configuration and the LAN configuration.
Figure 3-6.
Setup Options
Wide Area Network Connection
The DSL connection is the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. The 
requirements for the WAN connection depend on your Internet Service Provider 
Local Area Network Connection
On the other side of your router are your own Local Area Network (LAN) 
connections. This is where you plug in your local computers to the router. The 
router is normally configured to automatically provide all the PCs on your network 
with Internet addresses. 
If you connected a PC (rather than a hub or a switch) directly to the router, your 
LAN consists of that PC. 
Saving Changes
Note that the Apply button temporarily saves changes you make. To make 
changes permanent, click on Tools (at the top of the page) and select System 
Commands. At the System Commands page, click on Save All.