Sima wx-167 ユーザーズマニュアル

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10. Wall Mount Installation
1. Remove the wall mount bracket from the package.
Hold the bracket at the mounting location with the
narrow edge at the top. Use it as a template to
mark the positions for the screw holes on the wall
or other mounting
2. Drill the two screw holes
and fix the screws onto
the wall, using the
drywall anchors if
necessary, Leave a
space of about 3mm (1/
8”) between the head of
the screw and the wall.
3. Put the radio and the
wall mount bracket
together with the AC adapter plug installed. Make
sure all the clips are properly set and the radio is
4. Hang the radio with the wall mount onto the two
screws on the wall, make sure the installation is
secure.  Connect the AC adapter to a power outlet
Note: Be sure to install batteries before wall mounting
Basic Operation
After programming your WX-167, you are ready to use
it . Place the radio where it gets the best reception. To
listen to the weather channel press the Radio ON
button. To Turn off the weather channel press the
Radio OFF button. To turn the siren or voice off when
an alert is received, press the OFF button.
To Review Alert Messages
The WX-167 will store up to 10 currently active alert
messages in its memory. Alerts are removed automatically
when the time for the event expires. Upon receiving a new
alert, the oldest inactive alert will be deleted. If all stored
alerts are active, it will delete the oldest active alert. The
number of active alerts is displayed on the LCD screen in
the upper right corner. Press the Next “>” or  Previous  “<”
button to play the alert denoted by the circled number.
NOAA sends out test signals weekly for users to verify that
your Public Alert radio is working properly.  Your radio is
programmed at the factory to block the alert siren for the
weekly test signal.  When the weekly test signal is received:
1.  The LCD screen will display the text message
     “The National Weather Service has issued a required
weekly or monthly test for your county until ####”
2.  The radio will beep for 15 sec.  The siren will not sound.
3.  Weekly and monthly tests are stored in Alert Memory.