Array Networks APV 1600 AW920600 ユーザーズマニュアル

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Powered  by  Array  SpeedCore™,  APV  600  Series  appliances 
leverage  the  latest  in  state-of-the-art  multi-core  processing, 
hardware  acceleration,  energy-efficient  components  and 
10  Gigabit  Ethernet  connectivity  to  create  an  integrated 
appliance  purpose-built  for  application  delivery.  Able  to 
sustain industry-leading performance for traffic management, 
security and acceleration from the small enterprise to the large 
service  provider,  APV  appliances  deliver  feature-functionality 
and  economies-of-scale  ideal  for  data  center  modernization, 
virtualization, cloud services and emerging IP data services.
Highlights & Benefits
•  Multi-processor,  multi-core,  parallel  architecture  for  industry-
leading performance and scalability
•  Right-sized appliances ranging from 2.3Gbps to 30Gbps to meet the
needs of small enterprises through large cloud service providers 
•  Supports  AppVelocity  load  balancing  and  acceleration,
AppVelocity-S SSL acceleration and NetVelocity link load balancing 
•  Integrates local, link and global load balancing, SSL acceleration,
caching,  TCP  multiplexing,  compression,  IPv6,  virtualization 
integration and a stateful packet inspection firewall
•  99.999%  application  availability,  5X  application  acceleration  and
multi-layer application security
•  High-performance hardware SSL for offloading 1024 and 2048-bit
encryption from servers
•  Hardware-accelerated  adaptive  compression  for  bandwidth  and
application optimization
•  RAM-based in-memory caching
•  Gigbit  and  10  Gigabit  Ethernet  with  copper,  SFP  fiber  and  SFP+
fiber connectivity
•  Compact 1RU and 2RU form factors for data center environments
where space is at a premium
•  Green hardware platforms that consume 10-35% less power than
alternative products
•  Redundant  power  for  business-critical  application  environments
requiring 24/7 application uptime
•  N+1  clustering  to  32  appliances  for  redundancy  and  industry-
leading on-demand scalability
•  Common SpeedCore™ platform for unified management and plug-
and-play platform upgrades
APV 600 Series
D A t A S H E E t
Application Delivery Controllers
Array  Networks  APV  600  Series  Application  Delivery  Controllers  improve  the  availability, 
performance  and  security  of  enterprise  applications,  Web  sites  and  IP  data  services  while 
reducing cost and complexity in the data center.