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Managing Duplicate IP Addresses in 
the Field Technical Reference 
Overview and Background 
Through the years, Cisco engineers have noticed a steady flow of reports from the 
field whereby the Digital Network Control System (DNCS) assigns an IP address 
to a Digital Home Communications Terminal (DHCT), even though that IP 
address is still in use with another DHCT. This duplication of IP address 
assignments has resulted in a substantial amount of chronic non-responding 
DHCTs in the field, as well as a potential loss of revenue to system operators. 
Two main causes for this issue have been identified: 
Billing systems routinely place DHCTs into an administrative state of  
out-of-service to address subscriber non-payment issues. 
Site support staff assigns an administrative state of out-of-service to two-way 
DHCTs, then back to in-service two-way, in an attempt to fix various  
subscriber-based field issues. 
This document serves to explain what happens internally on the DNCS when a 
DHCT is assigned a status of out-of-service. Additionally, this document offers 
guidance to system operators on how to properly handle subscriber non-payment 
and DHCT headend troubleshooting issues. 
This document is written for system operators and headend administrators of the 
DBDS who are responsible for maintaining an accurate administrative status of 
DHCTs in their inventory. Field service engineers who assist in maintaining the 
headend will also find this bulletin to be useful. 
Document Version 
This is the first formal release of this document.