Canon pixma ip4300 ユーザーズマニュアル

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Printing on inappropriate type of paper.
Check to see if the paper you are printing on is not too thick or curled.
See “Media Types You Cannot Use” on page 5.
When performing Borderless Printing, print quality may be reduced at the top 
and bottom edges of the paper. Make sure that the paper you are using is 
suitable for Borderless Printing. 
For details, refer to the Printer Driver Guide on-screen manual.
Paper is curled.
If you are using paper with either any of the corners or the whole printing 
surface curled, the paper may become dirty, not feed properly, or both. Use such 
paper after correcting paper curl as follows.
(1)With the printing side (A) facing up, cover the paper with a fresh sheet of 
plain paper to avoid staining or scratching the surface.
(2)Roll up the paper in a direction opposite to paper curl as seen below.
(3)Check to see that the paper curl is corrected to within approximately 0.08 to 
0.2 inches / 2 to 5 mm (B) in height.
We recommend printing curl-corrected paper one sheet at a time.
Printing on thick paper.
Selecting the Prevent paper abrasion setting will widen the clearance between 
the Print Head and the loaded paper. If you notice abrasion even with the media 
type set correctly to match the loaded paper, set the printer to prevent paper 
* Clear the Prevent paper abrasion check box once printing is complete, and 
then click Send.
Open the printer properties dialog box, and in Custom Settings in the 
Maintenance sheet, select the Prevent paper abrasion check box, and then 
click Send.
In the Canon IJ Printer Utility, select Custom Settings in the pop-up menu, 
select the Prevent paper abrasion check box, and then click Send.
When Prevent paper abrasion is selected, the setting is also applied to direct 
printing from a digital camera.
This setting can also be performed using the RESUME/CANCEL button on the 
printer. With the printer on, hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button until the 
POWER lamp flashes green seven times, and then release the button. 
When you turn off the printer, this setting is canceled.