Beafon S10 プリント

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Simplify your life
Full siz
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Simple and safe!
All  features  and  functions  are  reduced  to 
the  bare  essentials  so  user  safety  and  user 
friendliness is guaranteed at all times. Although 
the S10 is an easy to use mobile phone it has a 
lifesaving feature, the SOS-button. By pressing 
the  SOS-button  on  the  back  it  automatically 
sends  out  an  SMS  and  starts  calling  the  5 
programmed phone numbers of friends, loved 
ones or emergency service. We’ve included an 
desktop charger inside the gift box so you have 
a fixed place for your S10. 
This makes the S10 a companion for life!
SOS button
Big buttons incl. Menu and Love button
Key lock button
Up to 100 numbers in phonebook
Adjustable display contrast
Built in flashlight
SMS send and receive
Birthday Calendar
Vibrating alarm
Easy to use
And many more...
Desktop charger included
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