Panasonic DMC-LX100 操作ガイド

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Functions for specific subjects and purposes
Creating stop motion animation  
[Stop Motion Animation]
Recording mode: 
You can stitch still pictures to create stop motion animation.
 Complete the date and time settings in advance. 
 •Still pictures that were captured using frame-by-frame recording are grouped into a 
single group picture. 
Before creating stop motion animation
When you use [Stop Motion Animation] to record still pictures by moving a subject such 
as a doll little by little and then stitching those pictures, you can create a stop motion 
animation as if the subject is moving.
To create stop motion animation using this camera, it is necessary to record 1 to 
50 frames of still pictures for every 1 second of motion picture.
To produce smooth movement of the subject, record the motion using as many frames 
as possible and set a higher number of frames per second (frame rate) when you 
create a stop motion animation.
Set the menu
 [Rec] → [Stop Motion Animation]
Press     to select the recording method, 
and press [MENU/SET]
Takes pictures automatically at a set recording interval. When the 
shutter button is pressed fully, recording starts.
Takes pictures manually, one frame at a time.
(Available only when [Auto Shooting] is set to [ON])
Set the interval used for [Auto Shooting]. You can set the interval from 1 second 
to 60 seconds in 1-second intervals.
Press     to select the interval (seconds), press     to set the 
selected time, and then press [MENU/SET]